Promotion Maintenance allows you to import promotion files that contain the details of the promotion and the products included in the promotion. This is typically provided by a pharmacy head office or brand.

  • Promotion files need to be saved to your workstation or a networked drive e.g. H Drive.
  • Promotion files need to be in XML format to be imported into Minfos.
  • After you have imported the promotion, it automatically starts on the specified start date or can be started manually.

Manually import a promotion 

1. From the Promo Manager window, click the Promotion Maintenance icon.

2. Select Manual Import radio button from the Maintenance groupbox and click Next.


3. Click Open to open the Minfos “PROMO/IMPORT” folder.

4. Select the promotion file that you want to import, and then click Open.

5. Click Import.


6. If there are any errors with the products in the promotion, then the Import error prompt is displayed. Click No at this stage. It is best practice to view all promotional errors at once.

7. All new promotions are shown in the Promotion Enquiry – Manual Import Promotions window.

There is an error with your new promotion if it displays in red text.

Products in error will not be active at the Till until errors have been actioned.

Review & Action your promotion errors

1. To review and action any errors, highlight the promotion and click Error.

  1. Barcode – displays the products main barcode
  2. Product name – displays the product name
  3. Promo code – displays The Promo code
  4. Error type – displays error type
  5. Error description – displays error descriptions
  6. Cost – displays the Product’s Unit Cost
  7. Retail – displays the Product’s Retail price
  8. New Promo – displays the promo price
  9. Existing Promo – if the error is caused by a conflicting promotion, the existing promo price is displayed
  10. Stockcard – allows the Stockcard to be opened and edited
  11. Print – allow the Error list to be printed
  12. Delete the Error, will also delete the product from this promotion
  13. Accept – highlight a product/s and click Accept and the product will be included in the promotion. If the Retail price is less that the Promo price, the product will scan at the cheaper price (if the retail price is $0.00, it will scan at $0.00 at the till).
  14. Accept All will accept ALL errors
  15. Pg Up – navigates to the next page
  16. Pg Dn – navigates to the previous page
  17. Prev – returns to the previous screen
  18. Click Cancel to close the error list.

See troubleshooting errors for more information.

Start your promotion

There are two ways to start the promotion:

1. It will begin automatically overnight on the Start date selected OR

2. It can be manually started.

  1. Select your promotion.
  2. Click Start and the promotion products will immediately scan at the promotional price.
  3. Click Cancel to close the Promotions Enquiry window.

3. Click Cancel to close the Promotion Enquiry window, you are returned to the Manual import window. You can either click Cancel to close or import another promotion.