Promotion Maintenance allows you to export promotion files that contain the details of the promotion and the products included in the promotion. This is can be used to share a promotion file with another store. Promotion files need to be in XML format to be imported into Minfos.

Note If you wish to re-use a completed promotion, use the copy promotions function, which will copy all products and preserve the reporting data for the original promotion. See Copy promotions for more detail.

Video demonstration 

Step by step instructions

From the Promo Manager module:

1. Click the Promotions menu and select 1. Promotion Maintenance or click the Promotion Maintenance icon.

The Promotion setup window is displayed.

Note: New, Current and Complete promotions can be exported, in this article a completed promotion is used as the example.

2. From the Enquiry groupbox, select the Complete radio button, then click Next.The Promotion Enquiry - Complete Promotions window is displayed.

3. Select the required promotion/s (use [Ctrl] and/or [Shift] to highlight multiple promotions) that you want to export, click Export.

Note: If the promotion is displayed in red, the products that have an error will NOT be exported. Review and Accept errors before exporting the promotion.

The Promotion maintenance – Export file window is displayed.

4. Click Open.The Save As window is displayed. 

5. The default export location is H:\Minfos01\Promo\Export. Adjust if required, and take note of the adjusted file location.

6. Enter a file name with an .xml extension, then click Save.The Promotion maintenance – Export file window is displayed.

7. Click Export.

The promotion is exported and the Promotion setup window is displayed.

8. The promotion file can now be shared to another Minfos pharmacy, so they can import the promotion/s.