Your Minfos database will normally run an automatic backup each night.

You should also run a manual backup at the following times:

  • Before any computer hardware or software work is performed.
  • As soon as you are notified of an upcoming power outage (for example, if electrical work is being done on your building).
  • After you click No when Minfos displays the message "Warning!!! No Backup exists! ...Backup Now".
  • Note: you should only click No if Minfos displays this message after you have begun to trade. If you haven't started trading yet, you should click Yes.

To complete a manual backup:

1. Ensure that all Minfos programs on all of the computers in your pharmacy are closed.
This includes the following programs:

  • Minfos (except on the computer you're using to perform the manual backup).
  • PBS Online
  • Minfos Automation Manager

2. On the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Special menu.

3. Click Back Up Database.

The Back Up Database window is displayed.

4. Ensure that the Connections text box displays 0.

Note: If any connections are displayed, and you're sure that you've closed all Minfos programs on all of the computers in your pharmacy, please contact Minfos Support.

5. Check the Continue check box.

6. Click Okay, to start backing up your database.

The Processing window is displayed.

Note: The backup process might take a few minutes, depending on size of your data being backed up and the speed of your computer.

The Back Up window is displayed.

7. Click OK, to close the back up window.

Your database is now backed up.

8. Re-start the following programs:

  • PBS Online
  • Minfos Automation Manager