On occasions it may be necessary to manual enter the EFTPOS card using the pin pad.

1. Once the Pin Pad is initialized to the bank, the display will prompt Enter Card, swipe the EFTPOS card within the pin pad.

2. If the pin pad has difficulty in reading the card’s magnetic strip, you will need to enter the cards number manually. This may be achieved by pressing the black, unmarked Function key when the terminal is prompting Enter Card.

3. Enter the card number using the Pin Pad keypad.

4. Press the Enter button on the Pin Pad.

5. If using a credit card enter the Expiry Date, using the keypad on the Pin Pad, in a MMYY format (e.g. February 2006 = 0206). Press Enter once the date has been entered.

6. Complete the EFTPOS transaction as normal.