This document describes some common PDA Scanner issues and suggested steps to solve the issue.

An error message cannot be displayed because an optional resource assembly containing it cannot be found.

This error indicates the scanner is having problems connecting to the wireless server via WI-FI.

1. Ensure the wireless server program is running on the computer.

2. Click the Server icon.

3. Ensure the IP address in the PDA client settings matches that in the wireless server.

4. The scanner may not be connected to WI-FI. Follow the steps in the relevant Scanner Setup instructions to connect the scanner to the wireless network.

Red scan light is not working (Motorola MC3090/MC3190 Only)

This indicates that the scanwedge/datawedge applications are not running.
1. Refer to the steps in the Motorola Scanner Setup instructions to install/run scanwedge/datawedge.


Unknown product error when scanning an item

1. In the PDA client settings, ensure the Search Preference field is set to STANDARD.