The following procedure is useful to ensure your Minfos Server database is correctly shutdown.

This will reduce the risk that Windows and the Minfos Server database application may experience an adverse event.

  • Unscheduled power outages can still cause equipment damage if UPS fails or runs out of battery before orderly shutdown
  • Other unexpected events such as storm damage/water/flood can damage equipment more readily if it is turned on.

Ensuring an orderly shutdown will keep external data transmission, especially in the case where incomplete processes might be cut-off mid-transaction, e.g. closing PBS claims or other online processes.

Tip It may be helpful to print this article and display it nearby to your server machine for easy reference.

Shutdown procedure for the Minfos Server database application and the machine running this database

1. Go to the computer (Windows Server or Windows Workstation) that is running your Minfos Server database.

If the screen saver has locked the screen you may need to login.

a. Alternatively, if you normally remote to the computer running your Minfos Server database, open the Windows Remote Desktop or remote session connecting you to the server.

b. Or, if your hardware vendor controls access to the computer running your Minfos Server database you may to request they complete the steps below.

2. Ensure all your Minfos Clients are closed on all your workstations including PBS Online and the Minfos Back Office Service Manager on the designated Back Office workstation.

3. Once you see ‘0’ Connections:a. Click Down.

The Shut Down prompt is displayed.

i. Click Yes to confirm the shut down of the server.

b. If you have connections to the Minfos Server database when you click Down, the Shut Down Connections are still running! prompt is displayed.

i. Click Yes, to force the Minfos Server database to shut down. You may need to wait between two and five minutes for those connections to be closed before the Minfos Server database closes down.

c. If your Minfos Server database hasn’t closed after 10-15 minutes (*) there may be an issue. Please contact Minfos Support.

4. Once your Minfos Server database has closed:

a. Ensure any other applications on that computer running your Minfos Server database are also closed.

b. Click on the ‘Shutdown’ option for Windows:

  • For Windows Server 2012 you will need to go to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen - Go to -> Settings -> Power -> Shutdown

c. If your Windows server computer has not shutdown within a reasonable period, about 10 – 15 minutes (*) please contact your Hardware Vendor Support for assistance.

(*)   When shutting down databases and servers, pharmacies may see delays if connections are left open. We do recommend closing all client applications and shutting down client workstations, to avoid such delays.