Please be advised that you are able to use your Minfos system when you are no longer a Minfos customer. We will deactivate all updates only.

This document outlines the processes involved in managing your server database after exiting Minfos.

There are two choices:

  1. You are not moving your database from the server.
  2. You wish to move your database to another workstation or laptop.

If you are not moving your database

For stores that are not moving Minfos from the server, no further work is required.

  • In order to keep the Database accessible at all times, ensure backups are done regularly.
  • Minfos will ask for the access code if a backup hasn’t been done within 5 days. Note: If you choose not to do a backup and cancel this prompt, you will be prompted for an access code prompt (If you request this from Minfos, then charges may apply).
  • The Minfos client will close and you will be asked to do the backup again when starting Minfos.

If you are moving your database to a workstation/laptop  

The following process should be carried out by your hardware technician due to the technical nature of the work. 

Perform a backup of Minfos

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Special menu and select Backup Database.

2. Select the Continue checkbox and click the Okay button. The backup process may take up to 10mins.

Down the database

1. Ensure you have logged out of Minfos on all stations and click the Down button on the Minfos Server window.

The server will shut down.

Move the database

Once the Minfos server is shutdown, the H:\Minfos01 folder can be moved to the workstation or laptop. The F:\Minfos01 folder will also be need to be moved to the workstation/laptop.

1. Once the folders have been copied over, run minconfig.exe in the H:\Minfos01folder that you have copied to the new location.

2. The Minfos Configuration Tool window will display.

3. Enter the name of the computer into the Name / Address field.

4. Enter the paths of the new locations of the database and data folders. For example, if copying the H:\MINFOS01 and F:\MINFOS01 folders to the C: root folder, change the path names to start with C:\ as in the example below. Once this is done click OK.

Setup the environment variables for the computer

1. Click on the System icon in the Windows Control Panel, system.

2. Click the Advanced system settings icon.

3. Click the Environment Variables button.

4. Enter MINFOSNT in the Variable name field. Enter 99 in the Variable value field. Click OK.

5. Click the OK button on the Environment Variables window.

Create a shortcut to the database and client

1. Right click the wcsdb5.exe file in the minfos01 folder and click Send to Desktop.

2. Repeat this for the minw2.exe file.

3. The wcsdb5 shortcut can then be clicked to start the Minfos server database and the minw2 shortcut clicked to start the client.


Database Recovery

If you receive an error when trying to run the database it will most likely require a recovery:

1. Open the Command-prompt windows and switch to the drive with the DB\BACK\new folder

a. cmd

b. C:

2. Change to the DB\BACK\NEW folder, e.g. C:\MINFOS01\DB\BACK to cd MINFOS01\DB\BACK\new

3. Run the ESENTUTL command: c:\Windows\System32\esentutl.exe /p minfosDB.edb

4. Click OK at the prompt to allow the ESENTUTL process to run the recovery of the MinfosDB.edb file.

5. Wait until the ESENTUTL process completes.

6. Once the process completes successfully, copy the MinfosDB.edb file from within C:\MINFOS01\DB\BACK to the C:\MINFOS01\DB folder.


a. Note that the .edb file should have a current time stamp once utility has repaired the file.

b. The only files that need to be copied are those that have the same time-stamp as the MinfosDB.edb file after the ESENTUTL process is finished.

c. The exception is the temporary file minfosDB.INTEG.RAW which appears is only used during the ESENTUTL process.

7. Start the WCSDB5.exe (Minfos Client Server Database).

8. Check that one of the last scripts & sales match for the given backup period.

E.g. If it was last night's backup then the scripts & sales will be from the previous day (or last traded day before that backup).

Note: If the database is started after more than 3 days it may ask for a backup to be done, always click yes to do this, if you click no you may be locked out and have to enter an access code to continue.