Minfos recommends that you set up Automatic Software Updates to ensure you always have the latest features. If you wish to manage your software updates manually, please follow these steps to download and update software updates.

1. Download new Minfos software

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the File menu and select Minfos Software Update.

The Manual Minfos Software Download prompt is displayed.
2. Click Yes

The Please Wait window is displayed.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Once the download is complete the Manual Software Update Download window is displayed.

3. Click OK to close.

Minfos is now ready to update.

2. Update to the latest Minfos software

After you have downloaded the new Minfos software, there are two options for performing the Minfos update.

  • Option 1: Automatic Update OR
  • Option 2: Manual Update

Important: Before you update

Both update methods require you to ensure there are zero connections to your Minfos server.

Close all Minfos applications (except for the Minfos Server) that are running.  Some applications to consider are:

  • Dispense
  • Till
  • Minfos Automation Manager
  • PBS Online
  • PDA Wireless Server
  • Minfos Back Office Service Manager

Automatic software update

An Automatic update will take place after trade during the End-of-Day process.  

1. Please ensure you have closed all Minfos applications at the end of trade so that the Minfos Software update can take place.

2. As part of End-of-Day, Minfos will automatically update the software.

Manual software update

1. Ensure that all workstations are logged out of Minfos.

2. On your pharmacy's Server station, navigate to the Minfos Server User Interface Application.

3. Ensure that the Connections text box displays 0. This means that Minfos is not running on any of your stations.

Warning: If the Connections text box displays a number higher than 0, check all of your workstations to ensure that Minfos is not running on any of them.  Do not go on to the next step in this instruction until the Connections text box displays 0.

4. Click Update.

Note: Once started, the update process takes a few minutes to complete. If you experience any problems updating your software, please contact Minfos Support.

3. Check your Minfos version

1. After the updated has processed the Minfos Software Update prompt is displayed.

2. Click the Minfos Release Notes link to view the Release Notes now.

a. Or they can be accessed at any time by clicking the Minfos Launch Pad Help menu and selecting Release Note.

3. Click OK to dismiss the prompt. 

4. Your current Minfos version is displayed at the bottom of the screen in each Minfos module.