Follow this process to merge two customers together. By merging two customers, it will combine all script history for both customers, retain profile information for the Master Customer e.g. Name, Address, Card numbers etc.

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad and click on the Customer Module. 2. Click the Customer Maintenance icon and then click Sort. This will allow you to search for the customers by First Name or Surname.

3. Click Find, to search for the two customers that you need to merge and then press Okay.4. Take note of the customer codes to ensure that the correct customers are merged.

5. Highlight the customer that is intended to be the master customer and then click Merge. The customer selected as the master customer will retail all the information attached for that customer profile.6. Clear the information in the Slave field and enter the slave customer code in this field, then press Tab.
7. Review the selected master and slave customer details to ensure that they are correct.

8. Select the Merge checkbox and then click Okay.

9. To confirm that you want to merge the two customers together, click Yes.

Warning Once two customers have been merged together, they cannot be unmerged. Exercise caution.