Follow this process to merge two customers together. By merging two customers, it will combine all customer history (script history, account history etc) for both customers and retain profile information for the Master Customer e.g. Name, Address, Card numbers etc. 

  • Once a customer merge has taken place, it cannot be undone
  • If a script has been dispensed to the incorrect patient, refer to Edit a Prescription to learn how move it to the correct patient
  • If either of the two patients to be merged have linked additional account charges, the:
    • Master quantity is retained in the merge when your master and slave customers have different quantities for the same additional account charge
    • Slave quantity is retained in the merge when your master customer doesn’t have a quantity and the slave customer does for that charge

From the Dispense Form:

1. Search for the customer in the Surname field.

The Customer Search Window is displayed.

2. Highlight the Master customer (the customer with the most up to date and correct information), and click Merge.
The Customer Merge window is displayed.3. Enter the slave customer's surname in the Slave field and press [Tab].

The Customer Search Window is displayed.

4. Highlight the correct slave customer and click Okay.The Customer Merge window is re-displayed.

5. Review the selected Master and Slave customer details to ensure that they are correct.

Warning: Once two customers have been merged together, they cannot be unmerged.

6. Check the Merge checkbox and then click Okay.The Are you sure that you want to merge? prompt is displayed.7. Click Yes to merge or No to return the to Customer Merge window.