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Step By Step Instructions

Minfos ePad allows you to add a product to an order easily and quickly from various locations during the dispensing process. The ePad orders are created in Order Maintenance based on the Preferred Supplier set in the stock card of each product added, and the ePad order’s will have a description based on today’s date for example ‘ePad dd/mm/yy’.

Where a medication is in focus when ePad is selected the ePad – Add products to ePad order window will populate with that item. Where no medication is in focus, any product can be added to the ePad using the standard Minfos search options.

Where there is no available ePad order to add the product to then a new ePad order will be created in Order Maintenance

Where an ePad order has been previously created for that day then products and quantities added via the ePad – Add products to ePad window, will be added to the existing ePad order

If that day’s ePad is no longer in a Created status i.e. it has been transmitted or collected, or, manually marked as issued or received, a new ePad order with today’s date will be created

If that day’s ePad order is open in Order Maintenance then a prompt is displayed notifying you that the order is being edited and provides an option to create a new ePad order

To add a product to an order via ePad

1. From the Dispense Form and the Pharmacist Check screen, you can click the ePad button or press [Alt + ;]. 

2. From the Script Options window, you can choose option V. ePad.

The ePad – Add product to ePad order window is displayed.



a. Product 

Use this field to search for a product, using the standard Minfos search options, if required. This field is populated if a product is in focus when ePad was selected e.g. if a product has already selected on the Dispense Form, is the highlight product on the Pharmacist Check screen or ePad is selected from the Script Options window.

b. Product Name

Non editable field displaying the product name.

c. Quantity

1 is the default quantity populated on the ePad – Add product to order window, [Tab] to this field to highlight it, and enter a different quantity if required.

d. Stock on Hand 

Displays your current stock on hand, including committed stock.

e. Unit Sales

Displays your sales for the last 12 months

f. OK

Click OK or press [Enter] to add the product and quantity to your ePad order.

g. Cancel

Click Cancel or press [Esc] to close the ePad – Add product to ePad order window without adding a product to the ePad order.

3. Navigate to Order Maintenance, the ePad order/s will be created with the Description of ePad with the date.4. Review this order following your normal ordering process; you can then transmit the order.

Note You can still generate a daily dispensary order and merge the ePad order with the generated order. Refer to Generate an order and Merge an order for more information.