The Owing Scripts Report displays a detailed summary of prescriptions that have been dispensed as an owing based on a number of sort criteria in a detailed or summary format.

Video Demonstration

Step by step instructions

From Dispense Pro:

1. From the Reports menu, click 9. Owing Scripts.

2. The Owing Scripts Report window is displayed.

a. Select from one of the following options in the Sorted by drop down box:

  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Supply Date – selecting this will default to the dates of the current month. These can be altered if required.
  • Nursing Home
  • Hospital
  • Drug
  • Non Nursing Home Patients
  • Serial Numbers only

b. The default From and To will capture all owing scripts sorted by the selected criteria. The From and To field can be altered to narrow down on one specific or a range based on the selected search criteria.

c. Check the Detailed check box to include dosage and directions for each script.
Leave the detailed check box unchecked if an owing scripts summary report is required.

d. Check the Separate Page check box to print each of the sorted by content on a separate page.

e. The Pricing checkbox is checked by default and will display the Government, customer and total price for each owing script.

f. Checking the Doctors Address check box will include the addresses of each doctor in the report. The Doctors Address checkbox will be enabled when 1.Doctors, 3.Nursing Home or 4.Hospital are the sort order and if the Detailed and Separate Page check boxes have been checked.

g. Also Sort by Name checkbox will be enable when selecting to sort the report by Doctor. Checking the check box will sort the patients by surname for each doctor.

3. Click Okay to run the report.