MedsIndex is a scoring system that can be used to identify those patients who have a medication compliance issue.

A score out of 100 is calculated to represent how much medicine the doctor intended the patient to take compared to the actual interval between the patient's dispense dates. 

Create a customer’s MedsIndex 

From the Dispense form:

1. Select a customer by entering their surname and initial in the surname field. Press [tab] and select the required customer from the Customer Search window.

2. Click the Full History button or press [F4].
The Script Enquiry window is displayed.

3. Click the MedsIndex button.

A. Click the Add button to add non-listed scripts from the patient’s history.

B. Click the Delete button and highlight a script to remove it from the MedsIndex window.

C. Click the Change button to create a MedsIndex report for the highlighted script.

The MedsIndex Update is displayed.

4. Enter the Total Daily Dose.

5. Enter any comments in the Comments field.

6. Click the OK button to save.

The MedsIndex Summary is displayed containing the Average MedsIndex for the patient’s Medicine Profile and a graph of the medication selected.

The graph displays the overall performance of the medication selected. Multiple medications can appear on the list if selected in the MedsIndex Summary screen.

7. Click the Print button.

The MedsIndex Summary document preview is displayed.  

8. Click the Print button to print the summary if required, or select close to close the window.

9. Click the Cancel button to close the MedsIndex Summary window.

10. Click the Yes button to exit MedsIndex.

Note: Once you cancel the MedsIndex Summary window the profile that you created will be lost.