ScriptMAP is a reporting system provided by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia which provides information and analysis relating to the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement, to help you determine the impacts of PBS reforms on your pharmacy business.

In order for the Guild to generate a ScriptMAP report for your pharmacy, you need to provide them with an export file containing a full 12 months of dispense data.

This article provides instructions on both the configuration of your Minfos system, and the procedure to provide data to the Guild in order to generate ScriptMAP reports for your pharmacy.

Set up for ScriptMAP reporting

In order to request ScriptMAP reports, you’ll need to specify the email address to which they will be sent. You only need to specify this address once, unless you decide to specify a different address.

Specify the email address for your ScriptMAP reports

1. On the Dispense Pro screen, click the Maintenance menu, [Alt+M] and select Configuration, - shortcut [D].

2. The Configuration window is displayed, with the Pharmacy tab active.

3. In the Email text box, enter the email address to which you want your ScriptMAP reports delivered.

Request a ScriptMAP report

1. On the Dispense Pro screen, click the Reports menu, [Alt+R].

2. Click 2. Scripts.

3. Click 7. ScriptMAP.

If there is less than 12 full months of dispense history:

  • The export will not proceed and the following message will display
  • The first available dispense data date will display in the Starting Date text box

If there is 12 full months of dispense history (from, and including, the most recent full month of history): 

  • The following message will display
  • Specify the first and last date that are to be included in the ScriptMAP report in the Starting Date and Ending Date text boxes   

4. Click Okay, [Enter].

5. Minfos sends your dispense data for the selected period to the Guild.

a. If successful, the following message will display advising the number of records sent.

b. If there is a problem with the FTP connection the following message will display. Contact Minfos support for the correct settings.


6. If you have not provided a store email address (following the instructions earlier in this article) an error message will display.

7. After successful upload of the dispense data, navigate to the ScriptMAP ordering page on the Pharmacy Guild of Australia website:

8. Complete the online form to request your ScriptMAP report.

After you submit the form, the Guild will email the report to the email address specified on the Pharmacy tab on the Configuration window in your Minfos Dispense module.