User-check This report contains PII, ensure you are following the Australian Privacy Principles. Files containing PII should be deleted or de-identified when it is no longer necessary to be retained.

This report is used for schedule reporting requirements. The report can be run for a particular schedule number (e.g. S8 or S3) and specified date ranges.

Follow the instructions below to create an S8 (Schedule 8) report in SA format.

1. From the Launch Pad, click Dispense.

2. Click Reports from the menu, click 5. Schedule.

3. The Dispensing History by Schedule window is displayed.

A. From the Schedule No. drop down list, select 8. Eighth Schedule S8.
B. Enter in the Starting Date and Ending Date for the period required.
C. Select 2. S.A. Export v2 as the Output Type.

4. Click the […] button to export the file.

The Export Folder window is displayed.

5. Select the H:\Minfos01\Export folder to save the export file.

6. Click Okay to export the report.

7. Upload or email the file according to your state or territories legislation.