Generate this report to identify high cost items in your store. This can be helpful to isolate high cost dispensary lines in sales reports to review the GP% of your dispensary including and excluding these items. 

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Reports menu and select 2. Product Reports.

The Product List Reports window is displayed.

a. The Sorted By option defaults to Product. This report can also be sorted by a specific category by selecting this option from the dropdown.

b. Leave the From and To as the default to generate a report displaying all products in the store. An individual or specific range of products can be reported on.

c. Select 2. Wholesale Prices from the Report Format dropdown.

d. Click to highlight one or more of the Product Types options to be reported on.

e. The Stocked Only checkbox is de-selected by default. It is recommended that the Stocked Only checkbox is de-selected, as it is possible that high cost items within the database are marked as not stocked.

2. Click Okay to run the report.

The Product Wholesale Price List Report is displayed.

3. Click Close.

4. Click the File menu and select 3. Export report.

The Report Exporter window is displayed.

5. Click Okay to export the report to Windows Excel.

6. The products can now be sorted from highest to lowest in Excel to capture high cost items within the store.

We then recommend you allocate the High Cost Items to a category for reporting purposes. Please refer to Allocate High Cost Items to a Category for guidance.