After you have run a High Cost Items Report to identify high cost items, you can create a specific category for these items.

Create a High Cost Items Category

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select A. Category Maintenance.

The Category Maintenance window is displayed.2. Click the Category Type dropdown and select the required category.

Options are:

  • Department - This will be used as the example in this article
  • Location
  • IEU
  • Class
  • Brand

3. Click Add

The Department Entry window is displayed.

a. Enter a Code. It is recommended that the code is consecutive to the normal dispensary code this will allow reports to be generated including and excluding the high cost items.

b. Enter the Name of the new category.

 4. Click OK to add the category.

Allocate High Cost Items to the Category

From Product Maintenance:

1. Click Find to search for the high cost item, highlight the product and click Change.

The Product Edit window is displayed.

2. Click the Categories tab and enter the previously created category code to the category field.3. Click OK to save changes.

4. Repeat this for each item required to be allocated to the High Cost Drugs Category. Or use Product Quick Fix to allocate the products refer to:

For reporting refer to: