The Drug Usage report displays the usage of each drug for a specified date range. Drugs that are dispensed for a patient and provided by a third party will not be included in this report.

Watch the video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Reports menu and select 4. Drug Usage.

The Drug Usage Report window is displayed.a. The Use Date Range check box is unchecked by default and will run the report from the last run date to the present date. Check the Use Date Range check box to allow the starting and ending date range to be altered.

b. Enter the Starting Date and Ending Date required to be reported on.

c. Check the Schedule 4 or higher drugs only check box to display only drugs that have been dispensed that are schedule 4 or higher. Or leave unchecked to include all items that have been dispensed regardless of their schedule.

d. Check the Exclude items charged to Pill Box checkbox to exclude dispensed items charged to any Pill Boxes, or leave unchecked to include them in the report.

Note: The Exclude items charged to Pill Box checkbox is only available to Spoke packing pharmacies.

e. Enter the Starting Time and Ending Time required to be reported on.

2. Click Okay to run the report.

The Drug Usage Report is displayed.