The Hourly Dispense Activity Report allows you to compare and review dispense activity (prescription numbers), per pharmacist or for all pharmacists over a specified date range, days of the week and hourly time periods.

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Dispense Reports icon.

2. From the Dispensing menu, select 7. Hourly Dispense Activity.

3. The Hourly Dispense Activity Report is displayed.

a. Enter a Starting Date and Ending Date range to report on.

b. Select an hourly Trading Period. By default, the times are the Trading Hours set in Shop Configuration.

c. Check the day(s) of the week required.

d. Report on:

  • All Pharmacists: to report on all active pharmacists for the selected range.
  • Per Pharmacist: to report on a specific pharmacist or range of pharmacists.

e. From Pharmacist and To Pharmacist: Select the range of pharmacists.

f. Check the Separate Page checkbox to display each pharmacist on a separate report page. This option will become available when the Report on Per Pharmacist is selected.

4. Click Okay to run the report.

The Hourly Dispense Activity Report is displayed.