Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

Attach default SIGs to products and save time when dispensing by using the k. sig button (or press [Alt + K]) in the Dispense Form. 

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu.

2. Select E. Default SIGS.

The Default SIGS window is displayed.

3. Click Find to search for the product.

The Search window is displayed.

4. Enter the name of the product you wish to add a default SIG too. The product must be marked as dispensable. Refer to Mark Products as Dispensable for further guidance.

5. Click Okay.

6. Highlight the correct product and click Change to update or add a default SIG.

7. The Default SIG Edit window is displayed.

A. Enter the previously added SIG code, e.g. AAA3D

8. Press Tab to update the SIG.

The Default SIG Edit window will update with the directions.

9. Click Okay to save the default SIG.

You are returned to the Default SIGS window, and the Default SIG has been updated.

10. Repeat Steps 3 to 9 for any other products that require a default SIG.

11. Click Cancel to close the Default SIGs window.
The  option will be available when dispensing for any product with a Default SIG attached.