You are able to configure your system to allow this substitution prompt to be on a product by product basis, this is what we call recommended products

This can be useful in several circumstances e.g. when the pharmacies usual preferred generics are out of stock from the wholesaler, if the pharmacy has been able to do a special buy from a supplier other than the usual preferred generic supplier or if a product in dispense is short dated.

From Product Maintenance:1. Click Find.

The Search window is displayed.

2. Enter the name of the product and click Okay.

3. Highlight the correct product and click Change to open the stock card.

The Product Edit window is displayed.

4. Check the Recommended check box.

5. Click OK to save and close the Product Edit window.

6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 on all products required to be flagged as recommended.

Since there is not a report for products flagged as recommended, it may be helpful to keep a list in Excel.

To set up Dispense to prompt you to use the Recommended product, refer to Set Preferred Generic Suppliers.