Your set co-payment discounts are not always automatically applied when you dispense an eligible script. Refer to Set Co-Payment Discount default to adjust.

The Discount dropdown on the Dispense Form allows you to apply the co-payment discount to a selected script and is enabled when you are dispensing an eligible, co-payment script.

To apply the co-payment discount to an individual script:

1. From the Dispense Form, dispense an eligible, co-payment script.

The Dispense Form is populated with the script’s details.

2. Use your mouse to click the arrow on the Discount dropdown list and then select the required option.


3. Use your keyboard:

a. Press [ Alt +] the Co-Pay field is highlighted.

b. Press [Spacebar] - to display the options in the dropdown menu.

c. Press [1] to select No disc or [2] to select Co-pay (the discount will be applied to the price).


If you are unable to click the Discount dropdown, refer to Set up Co-Payment Discount

The script Price and GP% are automatically adjusted.

3. Save and process the script as per your normal process.

The customer pays the discounted price at the till.

Note: Minfos Till reports display the price paid by the customer. When a customer receives the co‑payment discount, the price shown on the till reports is the discounted price.