You can save time and import Fixed Drug Pricing from a spreadsheet (saved as a .txt file), another pharmacy, or your Head Office into Minfos. For more information on drug pricing, refer to Dispense Pricing Overview.

Note: It is recommended that you export your current Fixed Drug Pricing as a backup prior to importing new drug pricing. This ensures you can revert to your old pricing if needed. This can be done during the import process or refer to Export Fixed Drug Pricing for guidance.

Video demonstration


Step by step instructions

1. Save the .txt file you have been provided to H:\Minfos01\Export.

You will need to know if the file contains MNPN or Barcode, and what format the price is e.g. dollars or cents. 

Example files:

Export Criteria: MNPN

Price Format: Dollars

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Export Criteria: Barcode

Price Format: Cents

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From the Dispense Pro module:

2. Click the File menu and select 8. Import Pricing.

The Import Drug Pricing window is displayed.


3. The default Minfos file import location is H:\MINFOS01\Export. If you have saved the file to a different location, click the browse button and change the import location.

4. The Import Criteria defaults to MNPN, if required change this to Barcode.

5. The Price Format defaults to Dollars, if required change this to Cents.

6. Check the Save a copy of current drug pricing before importing checkbox to save a copy of your current pricing, this allows you to revert to your original pricing if required. The file is saved as DrugPricingOld.txt

Tip: Click Test Import to run a test so you can compare your Old price vs the New price. No prices are changed during the test import.

7. Click OK. The file will process. 

The Import Drug Pricing Change Report is generated and displayed.

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8. If required, print the report and review the imported prices. 

Tip: You can also use the Product Audit Report to compare the price changes.

9. Make any necessary adjustments for your pharmacy. Refer to Drug Pricing for more information.