You can add important information against a prescriber and choose to prompt the Dispensary Tech/Pharmacist with the information when the prescriber is recalled in the Dispense form.

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 4. Prescribers.

2. Highlight the prescriber and click Info.
The Prescriber Information window is displayed.

3. Add your information to the Prescriber Information window. Select the Prompt in Dispense checkbox if you want to display the prompt when the prescriber is recalled in the Dispense Form.

4. Click Okay to save.

  • When the prescriber is recalled in Dispense and the Prompt in Dispense checkbox has been selected, then the Prescriber Information window will display when the prescriber is populated in the Dispense Form.

  • If the Prescriber Information window has not been configured to display automatically, or it has been unintentionally dismissed and you wish to view the prescriber notes again, click $Info or  press [Alt+$].