There are six Configuration settings you can adjust to assist you in Claiming: 

Script Claim Notification Limit

Minfos displays a notification in the Dispense Form when the current claim reaches a configurable value. By default, this number has been set to 9000 records. This notification alerts you that you are approaching the PBS limit of 9999 scripts for a single claim.

The notification will continue to display in the Dispense Form until the current claim is closed and a new one is opened. 

 Hovering over the notification with the mouse will display the number of records in the current claim. 


Auto create a new claim

Minfos will automatically start a new claim once the number of scripts in a claim has reached the default number of 9,500 (or other user defined limit). Once the limit is reached, a new claim will be automatically started and all new scripts will be placed into the new claim. The status of the previous claim will change to ‘Open’.

The ‘Open’ claim will still need to be reviewed and closed as per normal process. Minfos does not automatically close claims. 

To adjust these Configuration settings:

1. From Dispense Pro, click the Maintenance menu and select D. Configuration.

 The Configuration window is displayed.

2. Select the Dispense/Customer tab.

3. Change the value in the Script Claim Notification Limit field to your desired number.

4. Enter the number of scripts, after which Minfos will create a new claim. 

PBS Warning configuration

 You can configure whether or not PBS Warnings will display in the Dispense form. 

 From the Dispense/Customer tab of the Dispense Configuration window: 

 1. Select or de-select the Show PBS Warnings checkbox. 

Re-serialise Scripts at Till on Close Claim

 By default when closing a claim, Minfos will re-serialise the scripts waiting at the till i.e. the scripts will move from the claim you are closing into the current claim. If you would like the scripts waiting at the till when you close your claim, to remain in the claim being closed you can adjust your configuration setting.

From the Printing/Pricing tab of the Dispense Configuration window: 

1. Un-check the Re-serialise Scripts at Till on Close Claim checkbox. 

  • If you have rejected scripts in the claim and choose to re-serialise them into the new claim, Minfos will automatically print new labels for those scripts. 

Defer a script printing configuration

 From the Printing/Pricing tab of the Dispense Configuration window:


 1. Check the Auto Reprint Deferred check-box. When a script is deferred from an Open or Closed claim a new serialised dispense label will print. 

Error Threshold in Cents option

The Error Threshold in Cents option allows you to adjust the highlighted price difference (between Minfos and PBS Confirmed amount) that is the scripts that display in Pink in Edit Claim.

From the Pharmacy tab of the Dispense Configuration window: 

1. Adjust the PBS Online Settings, Error Threshold in Cents field. 5 cents is the default amount.