Performing daily claim maintenance tasks ensures your current claim contains the proper information in order for you to receive the correct payment from Medicare. Completing these tasks daily create a more efficient process and reduce time and effort when editing the claim. 

Resolve script rejections and warnings

Resolving script rejections and warnings ensures the scripts in your claim are correct and makes editing the claim easier and more efficient.

To resolve script rejections and warnings:

1. From Dispense Pro, click the Dispense icon.

The Dispense form is displayed.

2. Click the:

  • Errors icon, , to view your script rejections.
  • Warnings icon, , to view your script warnings.

Note: You can control whether or not PBS Warnings will display in the Dispense form. Refer to Configuration settings for Claims for guidance.

3. Make the required changes to the script, re-transmit the script, attach a script error or ignore the script warnings, then save and process the script.  

Run an Uncollected Scripts Report

The Uncollected Scripts Report shows the scripts that have been dispensed but are still waiting at the till to be collected by the customer. The scripts in the report should match the actual scripts that are waiting on your shelf to be collected.

To run an Uncollected Scripts Report:

1. From Dispense Pro, click the Uncollected Scripts icon.

The Uncollected Scripts Report window is displayed.

2. Click the Sorted By drop-down list, then click:

  • 0. Patient, to sort the report by the Minfos patient ID.
  • 1. Patient (Alphabetical), to sort the report alphabetically by patient name.
  • 2. Script Date, to sort the report by script date.
  • 3. Supply Date, to sort the report by supply date.

3. Check the Detailed checkbox to include any extra details in the report; for example, benefit details, government codes, doctor names and directions.

4. Click Okay to run the report.

The report is displayed.

5. Print the report if desired.

6. Make sure that the scripts shown in the report match the actual scripts that are waiting on your shelf to be collected.

Note: Depending on the configuration settings in your database, scripts that appear on the report, that are not your shelf waiting, must be charged to the customer if they have been collected to be included in the claim when closing. If they remain at the till they will be re-serialised and moved to the new Current claim. Refer to Re-serialise Scripts at Till on Close Claim for more information.