Run Minfos claim value reports to gain an in-depth view of the scripts in your claims. Minfos claim reports can be run for current, open, and closed claims. The Minfos claim reports allow you to review the scripts in your claim before the PBS statement has run.

The Claim Statistics Report identifies the scripts that were deleted or deferred from the claim, the scripts that are waiting at the till, and the number of scripts in each patient category.

Compare the Claim Statistics Report figures to the Certification of Supply form to ensure the script category totals match.

To run a Claim Statistics Report:

1. From the Manage Claims window, click the open claim for which you want to run a Claim Statistics Report, to highlight it.

2. In the Minfos Reports group box click Stats.

The Claim Statistics Report window is displayed.

3. Click Okay to run the report.

The report is displayed.

4. Print or Export the report.