PBS Online Claim Reports are useful for reconciling payments from Medicare for selected claims. PBS Online claim reports can be run for current, open and closed claims.

Before you run a PBS Online Report for a current claim, request a claim statement from PBS to ensure the data in your PBS Online claim report is up-to-date.

You can request a claim statement from PBS for current, open and closed claims. Final statements are available for closed claims, when requested after the next PBS run - PBS statement runs occur on a Friday and statements are available on a Saturday - whereas interim statements are sent when final statements not yet unavailable.

Note: During the EOD process, Minfos automatically requests statements for claims that do not yet have final statements.

To request a new claim statement:

1. From the Manage Claims window, click the claim for which you want to request an up-to-date statement, to highlight it.

2. In the PBS Reports group box click Get Statement.

The Get Statement prompt is displayed.

3. Click OK to request the statement.

PBS sends the most up-to-date statement for the claim, if it is available.