Each pharmacist who can dispense under the Continued Dispensing initiative must be set up as a pharmacist prescriber in Minfos, with their valid AHPRA code and name in the correct format. This can also be used for Schedule 3 dispensing.

Perform the steps in this section for every pharmacist in your pharmacy who will need to dispense Continued Dispensing supplies.

Note: Pharmacists cannot be set up as prescribers in the Pharmacist Maintenance window.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

1. From the Dispense module, click the Maintenance menu, then click 4. Prescribers.

From the Dispense Form, click Extended, select 4. Prescriber Maintenance, then click Okay.

The Prescriber Maintenance window is displayed.

Ensure that each pharmacist in your store has their AHPRA registration code and name correctly set up.

You may edit an existing record or add a new record if required.  

Edit an existing record

1. Click Find.

The Search window is displayed.

2. In the Starting Name textbox, enter the surname name of the pharmacist as it was recorded in your Minfos system then click Okay.

The sort order can be adjusted to First Name, Reg. No or Code prior to searching if required.

The Prescriber Maintenance window is displayed.

3. Highlight the required pharmacist, then click Change.

The Prescriber Editing window is displayed.

4. In the Name textbox, ensure pharmacists First Name and Surname are in the correct corresponding fields.

5. In the Reg. No. textbox, ensure that the pharmacist’s valid AHPRA number is displayed. A pharmacist’s AHPRA code starts with “PHA”.

Note: To look up an APHRA registration code, go to http://www.ahpra.gov.au/

6. In the Type dropdown, ensure that P. Pharmacist prescriber is selected.

7. Click Okay, to save the details of this pharmacist as a prescriber and return to the Prescriber Maintenance window. 

Add a new record

1. Click Add.

The Prescriber Entry window is displayed.a. Enter the First Name of the pharmacist, press [Tab].

b. Enter the Surname of the pharmacist.

The Code is automatically generated from the prescriber’s name, or a unique code is generated.

c. In the Reg. No. textbox, enter the AHPRA registration code of the pharmacist. A pharmacist’s AHPRA code starts with “PHA”.

d. In the Type dropdown, select P. Pharmacist prescriber.

e. Click Okay to save the details of this pharmacist as a prescriber and return to the Prescriber Maintenance window.

2. Repeat step 1 for each pharmacist in your pharmacy.

3. Click Cancel to close the Prescriber Maintenance window.