From 1 July 2016, pharmacies are required to submit a Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) accreditation number within claims for the supply of section 100 listed IVF medicines. The RTAC accreditation number is included on each prescription written for section 100 IVF medicines. Please refer to the PBS website for further information.

Enter RTAC number in Minfos

In Minfos, the RTAC field is enabled for S100 prescriptions regardless of the Rx Type. This will allow you to dispense authority IVF prescriptions that have repeats. 

If you add a value in the RTAC field and then generically substitute the drug, the RTAC field will retain the information. 

However, if you manually enter a new drug in the Drug field the value will clear and will need to be re-entered if required.

When dispensing an internal repeat, the RTAC field will populate with the information from the original script if the repeat is scanned or the G. Get Repeat option is used.

The RTAC field is located on the right side of the Minfos Dispense Form (as below).