Before you can add an account to a customer, you must ensure the customer has been added to your database. To add a new customer please refer to Add a new customer in Customer Maintenance or Add a New Customer in Dispense.

An account customer can be set up from multiple Minfos modules i.e. customer module and the dispense module.

Select a patient on the dispense form or find the customer in customer maintenance:

1. Click Change or press [Alt+C]

The Customer Editing window is displayed.

2. Click the Accounts tab

a. Check the Account Customer checkbox to open an account for this patient.

Note Skip to step k to link this customer to an existing account.

b. Set the Arrears Limit, click the drop-down and select, 30 days, 60 days or 90+ days if required.

c. Set the Credit Limit. The credit limit is only taken into consideration when charging via the Till.

d. Set the Disc %, this is only taken into consideration when charging retail items via the Till.

e. If your pharmacy is configured to Charge Interest on overdue amounts and you do not want this account to incur interest, un-check the checkbox. If your pharmacy is not configured to charge interest ignore this checkbox.

f. Enter the Email statements to field, if your pharmacy is set up for email. Refer to Set up email statements for more information.

g. To provide a printed statement to the patient, ensure Print Statement is checked.

h. To provide an emailed statement to the patient, ensure Email Statement is checked.

Note: Both Print Statement and Email Statement can be checked. The patient may then receive two copies of their statement each month.

i. If Additional account charges (charged to account automatically) have been configured, set the quantity where required. Refer to Set up additional account charges for more information if this is currently not configured.

j. Enter the Postal Address, if required.


k. Check the Link to account checkbox, enter the account customers surname in the text field and press [Tab] to search. Select the account customer from the list displayed in the Customer Search Window. Refer to Link customer accounts for more information.

3. Click OK to save the changes and close the Customer Editing window.