To assist with identifying patients, you can add a photo to a patient profile. The photo can be added from multiple Minfos modules i.e. customer module and the dispense module.

Note Ensure the patient photo has been saved on your computer or network drive.

Select a packing patient on the dispense form or find a packing patient in customer maintenance:

1. Click Change or press [Alt+C].

The Customer Editing window is displayed.2. Select the Image tab and click on the Import button.

The Import Image window is displayed.3. Click the … button to browse and navigate to the location of the saved photo and click Okay to import the picture.

The Minfos Dispense Pro Image imported window is displayed.

4. Click OK.

The Customer Editing window is displayed with the patient photo.

5. Click OK to close.

Note To remove the photo click Delete, the photo will still display until the focus is changed from the Image tab.

An image field can also be added to the Blister Packing Label Template to display on the printed foils. Refer to Add a Photo to a Template for more information.