A complete history of the changes made to a drug, including the dates it was added or removed, can be viewed in the Medication History window.

1. Click the Medication History tab to display the Medication History window.

 2. Refer to the image above for the features below:



a. Search

Medications can be searched by Brand Name or Active Ingredient.

b. Event

The list of changes can be filtered by selecting an event type from the Event dropdown list. Events you can choose to show are:

All – All events are shown

Added – The addition of a drug to the patients packing profile.

Updated – A drug already in the patients packing profile was updated.

Removed – A drug was removed from the packing profile.

c. Date

Date and time the event occurred

d. Event

Type of event – Added, Updated or Removed

e. Brand Name

Brand name of the drug

f. Active Ingredient

Active ingredient of the drug

g. Directions

Dose directions at the time the change was saved

h. Grid

The Medication Grid the medication was allocated to:  Packed, Non-Packed or When Required.

i. Frequency

Dose frequency

j. Start Date

Start date of the medication

k. End Date

End date of the medication

l. Dose

The drug dose at the time the change was saved