You can choose to audit details of any bulk drug substitutions for one or more selected patients.

1. Select Bulk Substitution and click View Audit Report.

The Bulk Substitution window displays.



a. Search

By default, all bulk substitution events will be displayed for the selected period. You can search by surname or customer number.

b. Show

Filter the display by entering a date range.

c. Apply Filters [Alt] + [A]

Apply the date range filter.

d. Updated On

The date the Bulk Substitution was performed.

e. Customer No.

The Minfos customer number.

f. Surname, First Name

The patient name.

g. Facility

The patient’s facility code.

h. Drug (Original)

The name of the original drug, i.e. the one that was substituted.

i. Drug (Updated)

The name of the new drug.