From the Dispense form, once the scripts have been queued from Minfos Packing or your third party packing software:

1. The Queued Scripts button  will be active and display the number of queued scripts. In this example, two scripts are queued.

2. Enter a comma in the Surname field in the Dispense form.

The first script in the queue is populated in the Dispense form.

3. Dispense the script, as per your usual process.

4. Save and process the script.

Note If you have Claim Form printing enabled, a dispense label will not print and instead of the next repeat printing, the Claim Form from the current supply will print. Refer to Claim Form Print Settings for further information on Claim Form printing.

The Script Options window is displayed.

Note If you do not have the Z. Pill Box option on the Script Options window, please contact Minfos Support to review your configuration.

5. You can manually charge from the Script Options menu, or auto invoice during the End of Day process for certain customers. 

From the Script Options menu:

a. Select Z. Pill Box if the patient is only being dispensed one prescription.

b. Select X. New Customer option, if the patient is being dispensed multiple prescriptions:

i. Enter a comma in the surname field, the next script in the queue will populate on the Dispense form.

ii. Dispense the script, as per your usual process.

iii. Save and process the script and then when all scripts have been dispensed for the patient, select Z. Pill Box from the Script Options window.

The Pill Box window is displayed, with all scripts highlighted by default.

6. If all scripts are being packed, click Okay. The scripts are charged to the patients account; the patients virtual pillbox will be updated with the dispensed quantity but your stock on hand will not be altered.

a. If a script is not being packed, then deselect this drug prior to clicking Okay.

Note If the script is being charged to a different account then enter the customer number, or search for the patient, in the Charge to field.

The Script Options window is displayed. If scripts were not highlighted in step 6a, you can select I.Invoice to Account to charge the remaining non-packed scripts to the patient’s account or they can be charged via the Till.