When this feature is enabled and a script is dispensed using the Quick Dispense workflow, Minfos will print a Claim Form instead of the Dispense label (unless configured) and the Repeat Authorisation form for paper prescriptions.

Note: Claim Form printing is optional. It is the responsibility of the pharmacy to ensure that the Claim Form is acceptable for PBS claiming and meets your state or territories requirements.

If a Dispense Label is required:

If a Repeat Authorisation Form is required:

  • From the Script Options window, select 2. Reprint Repeat

Refer to Claim Form Print Settings to set up and review your Claim Form.

Claim Form Sample

Shown below is a sample Claim Form. Refer to the image for the features below.


Claim Form field


a. Pharmacist Name

Prints the Pharmacists name.

b. Label

The details of the dispense serial number from the dispense label will print directly on the Claim Form.

c. Declaration

Pharmacist declaration is pre-printed.

The number of repeats authorised and the number of repeats already dispensed is adjusted to be correct for the claim being made.

If a Repeat Authorisation Form is printed via the Script Options menu, then these fields would be different as they would be for the next dispensing of the repeat.