1. In the Virtual Pillbox window, select a drug and click the View History button or [Alt] + [H].  




The View Drug window will be displayed.


Refer to the image above for the following features.




a. Adjust Balance

Enter the balance adjustment quantity. Enter a negative value for a decrease and positive value for an increase to the balance.

b. Comment

Add a reason for the balance adjustment.

c. Script No.

A script number associated with the adjustment may be recorded.

d. Updated

Date and time of a drug balance adjustment.   

e. Script No.

If the drug balance was updated by dispensing a script the script number will auto-fill. Will also display if the script number was manually recorded in the Script No. field. Refer (c).

f. Pharmacist

If the script was dispensed, the dispensing pharmacist’s name will display.

g. Comment

The comment added in (b) will update in this field when this entry has been saved.

If the balance adjustment was made from a non-manual adjustment then Minfos will add a comment associated with the performed action.

h. Update Type

Records whether the update was an increase or decrease

i. Adjustment

Displays the adjustment quantity.

j. Balance

Displays the drug balance resulting from adjustments after saving.

k. Save  [Alt] + [S]

Saves your changes.

Print  [Alt] + [P]

Prints the window contents.

Close  [Alt] + [C]

Closes the window.