This window displays all drugs for the selected patients that have a balance of less than 28 days’ supply. You can also choose to filter the display in several ways.

1. Click the View Insufficient Stock button or [Alt] + [V] at the bottom of the Virtual Pillbox window.

The Insufficient Stock window will display.

Refer to the image above for the following features.



a. Search

You can search by drug name or active ingredient.

b. Filters

You can use filters to change what results are  displayed


Choose to:

Include Inactive patients

Display only negative balances

Display only balances that have no repeats remaining for that drug in their dispense profile

Exclude balances that had a script dispensed in the last 20 days (deferred scripts will still display).

c. Queued Scripts  

Check this checkbox to select drugs to be queued in dispense. 

Drugs that have scripts with repeats will auto-check this checkbox. 

Uncheck the checkbox for any drugs not to be queued. 

Clicking the Queue Scripts (step m) button will then queue the selected drugs in dispense.

d. Status

1.  Shows the Active or Inactive status of a patient

2.  Whether repeats are available for that drug. If no repeats are available, the Zero Repeats icon will display

e. Surname, First Name

The patient name 

f. Drug Name

The drug name

g. Active Ingredients

The active ingredient of the drug

h. Balance

The patient’s VPB balance for this drug

i. Rpts Rem.

Repeats remaining in a patient’s dispense profile for the drug.


Note: If there is more than one script active in the patients dispense profile, those scripts will be added together and the total displayed here

j. Script Quantity

The script quantity for the drug if it was to be dispensed, i.e. the quantity the pillbox would increase by

k. Last Dispense

Date a script for this drug was last dispensed

l. Facility Code

The patient’s DoseAid facility code

m. Queue Scripts  [Alt] + [Q]

Sends scripts directly to dispense if the corresponding Queued Scripts checkbox has been checked. Refer to the Quick Dispense section for more information.  

n. Print Insufficient Stock Details  [Alt] + [P]

Prints the displayed results

o. Close  [Alt] + [C]

Closes the window

After viewing patient Virtual Pillbox balances, you can choose to queue a script in dispense directly from Packing. This feature is called Quick Dispense and is accessed from the Insufficient Stock window.

 2. After selecting which items need to be dispensed in the Insufficient Stock window, select the Queue Scripts button or [Alt] + [Q] to queue the scripts in dispense.

Note Minfos will queue the oldest available script for the patient. For example, if the patient has 2 active scripts for that drug, the oldest script is queued first

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