1. Select the Medication Grids tab.

 This window displays the patient’s current and previous packed medications.  These medications are separated into three sections:

a. Packed 

b. Non-Packed

c. When Required

d. Moving the mouse to the area between the Packed and Non-Packed sections will display a double-headed arrow. Holding the left mouse button down while dragging up or down will allow you to alter the visibility of the three sections.

e. Dose times will populate into the Medication Grid from the default times set in the Nursing Home Editing window. To change the dose times in the Medication Grid, click on a dose time and type a new value.  If the Use 24 hour dose time checkbox is checked in the patients Pack Details, time entries must be in 24 hr. time and must be formatted as 08:00 or 14:00.

If an invalid time is entered, the time will display with a surrounding red box.

If the Use 24 hour dose time checkbox is not checked, non-numeric dose times such as Break, Lunch or Dinner may be entered. 

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