Tray Maintenance is used to allocate a patient’s drugs to the blister tray packs.

  • Each tray can accommodate a maximum of 4 dose times
  • Medications can be allocated across a total of 5 trays

A patient may require more than one tray if:

  • They have more medications required per dose time than can fit in one pack
  • More than 4 dose times are required per day

   – This blue icon identifies drugs assigned to the first 4 time slots

  – This red icon identifies drugs assigned to the second 4 time slots

1. Click the Tray Maintenance tab to display the Tray Maintenance window.

 2. Drugs are automatically assigned to a tray number according to the following:

  • If a patient only has medications in the first four timeslots, all of their drugs will be auto allocated to Tray 1
  • If a patient has medications in more than 4 timeslots, then drugs with a blue square icon - , will go to Tray 1 and drugs with an orange circle icon - , will go to Tray 2 

The image above shows an example tray distribution:

  • In this example, the Nexium dose times span over four dose times. The Nexium with the orange icon has been assigned to tray 2.
  • Marevan has been manually assigned to its own tray. 

Note If a drug displaying the orange icon is added and there is already a drug with a blue icon in the second tray, an error will result since blue and orange cannot occupy the same tray. In this case, right click one of the drugs and assign to another tray.

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