Ensure you have Set up a Supplier for Electronic Transfer Payment Method before creating an aba file.

From the Minfos Payables module:

1. Click the Payment menu and select 7. Quick Cheque Remittance.

The Quick Cheque Remittance Selection window is displayed.

2. Enter the required Supplier code and press [Tab] populate the outstanding unpaid invoices.

3. Double click an invoice entry to mark it as Pay, repeat until all required invoices are marked as Pay.

4. If all invoices are to be paid, click Select All to mark all of the invoices to Pay.

5. To only part pay an invoice, highlight the entry and click Change.

The Manual Invoice Selection window is displayed.  

  1. Click the Selection drop-down and select 2. Part Payment.
  2. Enter the Inv. Payment amount.
  3. Enter any Disc. Received, if required.
  4. Click Okay to save.

6. When all of the required invoices are marked as Pay, Part Pay or Don’t Pay, click Okay to proceed.

The Quick Cheque Remittance Printing window displayed.

7. Check the details, and click Okay to print the Quick Cheque Remittance.

The Quick Check Remittance Printing print preview is displayed.

8. Print or Close the Report, if you are not printing the report, note down the Cheque Number as this is needed for Step 10.

9. Click the Payment menu and select 8. Electronic Payments.

The E-Payment window is displayed.

10. Enter the Cheque number from Step 8, in both the From Cheque and To Cheque fields.

11. Click Okay.

12. The file will process. Refer to Bank Account Maintenance and check the Export Filename to review the exported file.

You can now Set up Bank Account details in Minfos, if required.