All pharmacists or other dispensary staff in your pharmacy must be added to Pharmacist Maintenance. This article covers how to access and then add or edit records in Pharmacist Maintenance.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

To add a new pharmacist open Pharmacist Maintenance.

1. Click Add.

The Pharmacist Entry window is displayed.

2. Enter the pharmacist’s First Name and Surname. Press [Tab] and a unique code will be created.

3. Select the pharmacist’s Title from the dropdown list

4. Enter any other details required.

  1. Enter the pharmacist’s registration number (AHPRA registration number) into the Reg. No. field
  2. Click the Typedrop-down to change the type of user. All options;
    1. P. Pharmacist
    2. A. Dispensary Assistant
    3. 2. 2000hr Student
    4. 1. 1000hr Student
    5. 5. 500hr Student
    6. X. Other

5. If the pharmacy and pharmacist is registered for My Health Record ensure the mandatory fields, Surname and Reg. No., are entered. Step 5a is only required for My Health Record, skip to step 6 if the pharmacy/pharmacist is not registered.

  1. Click the Search button, The HPI-I Search window will display.

If the registration is valid, the details are returned with an Active status and HPI-I will be displayed on Pharmacist Entry window. Other status/values that may be returned include:



No records have been found

There is no unique match found in HI services for the entered Surname and Reg. No. (AHPRA Reg. No.). Please enter correct Surname and Reg. No. and try again.


This HPI-I has a status of Deactivated. Please check with HI services on 1300 500 115 why this HPI-I has been deactivated.


This HPI-I has a status of Retired. Please check with HI services on 1300 500 115 why this HPI-I has been retired.

6. If required, click the Password field to enter a password.

The Pharmacist Password window is displayed.

See the Setting a pharmacist password article to set up a password.

7. Once the password has been set, click OK to save the Pharmacist entry.

Note The Pharmacist initials entered on the Dispense Form must be set as Type P. Pharmacist for eScripts.