From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select D. Configuration.

The Configuration window is displayed.

Incorrect Password Attempts configuration 

By default, Minfos will allow for 3 incorrect password attempts before the Pharmacist is locked and cannot dispense any eScripts until their password has been unlocked.

You can adjust the number of allowed attempts by changing the value in the Incorrect Password Attempts field.

The incorrect attempts counter begins with the first incorrect attempt. It resets when you enter the correct password or close the Dispense Form. For example if the password is entered incorrectly twice and is then entered correctly the third time, the incorrect attempts count is re-set to zero.

Password Re-entry on the Dispense Form

After a defined period of time, the pharmacist's password needs to be entered on the Dispense Form. By default this is every 10 minutes.  You can adjust this period by entering the time, in minutes, in the Password re-enter required after field.

When the pharmacist's password needs to be re-entered, at the end of the dispensing process the dispenser will be prompted for the password on the Dispense Save and Process this Script? window.


  • If the dispenser is a pharmacist they can enter their initials and password
  • If the dispenser is a dispense assistant then they will need to ask the pharmacist to re-enter their password before continuing