When baskets are added to the queue the eQueue icon on the Dispense Form will be enabled indicating there are baskets waiting and how many. You can easily view the eQueue to manage the queue, dispense from the queue or pull eScripts into the Dispense Form.

Viewing the eQueue

The eQueue icon  displays the number of baskets currently queued. The icon is located beside the PDS and PBS error queues.

1. As you are ready to move to the next basket there are two quick ways to access the eQueue from the Dispense Form:

a. Click the eQueue icon, or

b. Press [Alt + Shift + .] from any field.

The eQueue window is displayed.

a. PatientSearch for a specific patient’s basket by entering either the patient’s name or code
b. Facility
Change the display to filter by baskets queued under patients assigned to a specific facility by selecting the facility type from the drop-down and entering the facility code to display queued scripts for that facility.
c. Show

Click the Show radio buttons to filter the display by:

  • All: this is the default selection to display
  • Waiting Only
  • Calling Back Only
  • Externally Queued Only: these are scripts queued by a Third Party Provider you have integrated with e.g. eCommerce platform or App provider. These baskets have an ‘Ex’ icon

d. Icon display  

Right click the mouse to open the Legend to display the different icons.

e. Status*
Displays if the customer is Waiting or C/Back (calling back).

f. Date*

  • Wait basket entries are added chronologically and display the date and time the basket was added to the eQueue
  • C/Back customers are added to the eQueue based on the Return Date and Collect Time entered on the eQueue – Add to Queue window
g. Time*
h. Customer*The customer the basket entry is queued under as selecting on the eQueue – Add to Queue window
i. Mobile No.
The columns display the mobile number and email as displayed/entered on the eQueue – Add to Queue window.
j. Email
k. eScripts*
Displays the number of eScripts and paper scripts queued in the basket.
l. Paper Rx
m. Generic
The customer’s preference for generic medications. This column displays Yes if this was selected when the basket was added to the eQueue – Add to Queue window.
n. Notes

The Notes section will display the following information

  • A shorthand note will display where Yes was selected on the eQueue – Add to Queue window for:
    • PFR means the customer has requested their PRF Stickers
    • CMI – requires a CMI
    • Tax – requires a Tax Invoice or Receipt
    • P’cist – would like to speak to the Pharmacist
  • Any basket notes for the dispensary are then displayed – where space permits.

o. Add
Click Add to add a new basket entry to the eQueue. The eQueue – Add to Queue window will display. Refer to the Add a Basket to the eQueue article for more information.
p. ChangeHighlight a customer and click Change. The Customer Editing window is displayed allowing you to update any customer details.
q. Notes
Click Notes to display the full notes entered in the eQueue – Add to Queue window. Helpful where full notes are not displayed in standard view.
r. eScripts
Click eScripts to display the eScripts window. This window displays the queued eScripts in the basket entry.
s. Dispense
[Alt + .]
Highlight a customer and click Dispense or press [Alt + .], this allows you to select a queued basket with eScripts from any position in the eQueue and quickly push the eScript to the Dispense Form. This reduces the need to open the eScripts dialog and select the eScript to begin the dispense process.
Refer to the Dispense from the eQueue article for more information.
t. Delete
Highlight a basket entry and click Delete to delete the basket entry from the eQueue.
u. Clear

Click Clear to delete the eQueue. The Clear Queue prompt will display.

Click OK to clear the eQueue or Cancel to return to the eQueue.

v. Cancel
Click Cancel to close the eQueue.

*Click the column to adjust the sort order