When receiving or marking off an owing with an eScript or a paper script via the PDS, the pharmacist can scan the token or manually enter the eScript barcode to download the eScript.

Note Only paper scripts with one item can be received via the PDS.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

When a patient with an owing script is selected on the Dispense Form, the Owing Scripts prompt is displayed.

Tip Owing scripts can also be displayed by selecting H. View Owing Scripts from the Script Options window.


1. Click Yes to open the Owing Script Enquiry window.

2. Click Received Script.

The Script Owing Details window is displayed.

3. In the Barcode field, scan the patients token, manually enter the barcode, paste, or click the Select from ASL button.

a. If you recorded a token when the owing was created, the Barcode field is pre-populated with these details.

b. If you enter a barcode, the Script Date and Doctor fields can be ignored. 

c. If the script is a paper script with multiple items or if you are manually receiving the owing e.g. you may have a paper script without a PDS barcode enter the Script Date and Doctor.

d. If you click Select from ASL, the Active Script List window is displayed. 

   i. Wait while the ASL populates.

         ii. Highlight the correct prescription and click OK.4. Click Okay

5. Review the dispensed supply with the eScript Details or with the paper script and amend if required.

6. Save and process the prescription, as per your usual dispense process.

Note You cannot receive an eScript by editing the owing and unchecking the Owing checkbox.

How to copy token from ASL

You can copy a token from an ASL to paste into another Minfos window or external file.

1. From the Dispense Form, click ASL View.The Active Script List ( Customer no. xxx) window is displayed, showing the customer’s prescriptions.

2. Highlight the relevant prescription and click Copy Token to copy the barcode number to your clipboard.3. The Token barcode can be pasted where required.

Note: Copy Token is only enabled when you have highlighted exactly one prescription. If you are unable to copy the token, ensure you do not have multiple prescriptions highlighted.

Customer mismatch preventing owing from being received

When an owing is received, if the patient details on the eScript do not match the patient the owing was dispensed to, then Minfos will prevent the owing from being received.

The Select Customer Record window will display with the patient’s details from the eScript. The Unable to Receive Owing error will also display with the patient details of the owing script.

Select Ok to close the error and return to the Owing Script Enquiry window.

Locate the correct token to receive the owing.