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eScript errors when a token is scanned to dispense

Error Message



E02001: The prescription has expired.


The script has expired. Patient requires a new prescription.

E02002: The prescriptions have already been selected for dispensing.

A pharmacy will only see this error when scanning a patient's printed token, there can be 3 reasons for the error:


The eScript has been selected by another pharmacy for dispensing.


This eScript has already been dispensed.


This eScript cannot be dispensed. Please locate the active token.

E02003: This prescription has been ceased by the prescriber.


The prescriber has cancelled the prescription and it cannot be supplied. The patient may need to return to the prescriber for a new script.

In some circumstances an ePrescription cannot be dispensed as there are no Script IDs (SCIDs), which are required for dispensing, available on that workstation. Commonly this issue is caused by a connection issue with a firewall, antivirus or DNS configurations. Your Hardware Vendor is needed to fix the issue. 

A screenshot of a computer error

Description automatically generated

A screenshot of a computer error message

Description automatically generated

Ensure you are running the latest version of Minfos. If you continue to see the error, contact Minfos Support.

Note: In 7.7.1, all electronic script data was moved to flow via eRx as part of the transition to the national Prescription Delivery Service (PDS) provider.


Encryption Errors

Error Message


MinEncryption Application has stopped working

A screenshot of a computer error

Description automatically generated

eScript XML data files are encrypted periodically during the day (6 hourly) and during the end of day process. There can be a few reasons where the encryption can fail, the most common one is due to a lack of server resources at that point in time. If you receive the above error, click Close program, the encryption process will restart automatically and should process without issue.
 If you receive the error on more than one occasion, please log a call for further investigation.


Connectivity Issues

When an eScript is uploaded, if no response is received within 10 seconds, Minfos will display a notification “Script details for A. PATIENT have not been acknowledged by eRx. Paper token has been printed.

 A blue sign with white text

Description automatically generated

The notification will display for one minute, and then close automatically. It can also be dismissed manually by clicking on the notification or closing the Dispense Form. If the prescription has available repeats, a paper token for the repeat will automatically print. Minfos will continue to attempt to upload the eScript information to eRx until the PDS is reachable.

Note: If the patient has been marked as Scripts on File and your pharmacy has the configuration for eScript Repeat for SOF set to '0. Do not send' the paper token will not print. 


List of PDS errors and how to action

To open the List of PDS Error Response window click the E icon on the Dispense Form:

Refer to List of PDS Error Reponses Overview to learn how to use this window.

Error Code/Description



*Deleting an eScript

Review List of PDS Error Reponses and check to see if you have received an error when the eScript was previously dispensed at your pharmacy.

  • If you have an error, correct the error for the previous dispensing
  • if there is no error contact Minfos support


No immediate action is required. The error should resolve itself. However, if the error message persists, contact Minfos Support.


*Unknown Error

If you attempt to edit or delete a script dispensed previously via MediSecure:

  • Editing a script will only change the data for the prescription locally and not be uploaded to the PDS for future dispensings of any repeats
  • Deleting the script will only delete the prescription locally and not reactivate the script for re-dispensing. The patient may need to get a new script
  • This error can be ignored, highlight the error and click Ignore, refer to List of PDS Errors Window Overview for more information


This error can be ignored. This is an issue with interoperability between PDS providers but will not impact your ability to dispense and supply the prescription.

  • Highlight the error and click Ignore, refer to List of PDS Errors Window Overview for more information


If you receive any other errors in the List of PDS Error Reponses that are not listed in the above table contact Minfos Support.