Note  From, Queensland Health's Electronic Prescribing systems fact sheet - Electronic prescriptions that do not comply with the requirements of the HDPR must not be dispensed (refer to s82 – controlled drug and s193 – restricted drug) and the dispenser must ‘cancel’ the prescription and send a notification with the relevant information including any attachments to MC&

In these circumstances, reasonable steps must be taken by the dispenser to ensure the electronic prescription has been processed within the system to effectively remove it from circulation so that it cannot be dispensed; repeats are removed and appropriately annotated.

To remove an ePrescription from circulation

1. From the Dispense Form, scan the eScript barcode into the Surname field.

The Dispense Form is updated and populated with the eScript details.

2. [Tab] to the Qty field and adjust the prescribed quantity to ‘0’ (zero), as you will not be making a supply of the script.

The Cancel this ePrescription? prompt is displayed.

3. Click Yes. The Rx Type is automatically changed to 5. Private and any remaining repeats are removed.

4. Press [Enter] to save and process the script.

The Dispense Save and Process this script? window is displayed.

5. Add an annotation, refer to the annotation section of the Dispense an eScript for more information. You cannot click OK until you have added the Annotation.

6. Click OK to save and process the script.

7. The script will be at the till with a $0.00 charge, this will need to ‘rung off’ the till. The SOH will not be affected, as the dispensed quantity is zero.  

Warning Once an eScript has been dispensed and cancelled, that is, dispensed with zero in the quantity field; a pharmacist cannot put it back into circulation by editing the eScript and adjusting the quantity from zero. The prescriber will need to issue a new eScript.