Use the eScript Repeat for SOF configuration for customers that keep their scripts at your pharmacy and therefore do not need to receive an electronic token for their repeats. This is a global configuration setting for ALL customers where the Scripts on File checkbox has been checked in the customer’s record. 

To manage the configuration:

From Dispense Pro:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select D. Configuration.

2. Select the Dispense/Customer tab.

3. Click the eScript Repeat for SOF dropdown and make your selection.There are three options:

  • 0. Do not send; patients are not sent an electronic token. To dispense repeats for your Scripts on File patients, use the G. Get Repeat options from the Scripts Options window in dispense.
  • 1. Do not send, print token; patients are not sent an electronic token. A paper token for the repeat is automatically printed. This can then be filed with paper scripts for SOF customers. By default A4 repeat eScript tokens are printed, click here to learn how to change this to plain A5 paper
  • 2. Send; the Scripts on File checkbox is ignored and tokens are sent electronically

Option '1. Do not send, print token' will be selected by default.