Refer to the  Stock Transfer Process article for information and instructions on how to manage transfers where your pharmacy is sending stock to other pharmacies.

This article covers the process where your pharmacy has received stock from another pharmacy and both pharmacies have been set up for electronic transfers via an FTP.

Collect the electronic transfer as an invoice in Order Maintenance

Note: Transfers will also be electronically collected when the Collect Invoices button is selected in Order Maintenance.

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Transfers menu and select 1. Transfers.

The Transfer Maintenance window is displayed.2. Click Collect.

The Electronic Invoice Collection window is displayed and any uncollected stock transfers sitting on the FTP will be downloaded.

The Minfos Stock Manager prompt with how many transfers were collected is displayed.

3. Click OK

The Order Maintenance window is displayed.

  • All electronically collected stock transfers are displayed in a Received status with MULTISTORE as the supplier
  • The invoice number is populated with the stock transfer invoice number from the sending pharmacy
  • The first three numbers of the Description is the sending pharmacies MST number (please contact your Head Office if you are unsure of this number)

4. Highlight the required Multistore transfer and click X. Redirect.

The Redirect Order window is displayed.5. In the New Supplier field enter the correct supplier name or code of the store you are receiving the stock from and press [Tab], if required select the correct supplier from the Supplier Search Window.6. Click Okay.

The Order Editing window is displayed.7. Complete this invoice as per your usual invoicing process.