Published 24 November 2020

Introducing Minfos eQueue!

Minfos eQueue is the next evolution in your ePrescriptions workflow. eQueue is designed to help you efficiently manage the growing number of eScripts within your existing workflow.

There are now 4 options on how pharmacists can manage their eScripts basket and dispense workflow. When you receive an e Prescription you can choose to: 

1.    Use eQueue to manage the dispense workflow electronically

2.    Continue to use the existing ePrescription paper token workflow

3.    Dispense eScripts directly into dispense

4.    Or use a combination of the above

Key features

    Easily add an eScript to the queue from the Till, Till module or Dispense

    Group multiple eScripts from a patient together into a single electronic basket

    Combine a family’s eScripts into a single electronic basket

    eQueue automatically manages the order of the script baskets based on wait times

    Efficiently dispense the next script waiting in the queue

    Manage eScripts, paper or a mixture of both

Learn more 

Read more about using Minfos eQueue here.